Lathe cut records don't sound hollow

Lathe cut records don't sound hollow by Rich Flores Embossed lathe cut records that have been recorded on polycarbonate sheets of plastic  for many years since the 1980's, most definitely, have earned a bad reputation since, because they were always embossed with a tungsten carbide stylus. Many have tried over the years different techniques to improve them, by using, Turtle wax furniture polish, lighter fluid, motor oil, DW40, Etc.

Non of these will ever improve the sound quality nor reduce the clicks and pops or the surface noise if recorded very deep. One thing for sure, is the use of the heat lamp, or a hot sapphire stylus, which I have develop in 2015 by installing  4-5 turns of nichrome wire around the jewel of the my exclusive cone tip sapphire stylus  at  5-7 volts @1.5 amps.

The result was NO difference with or with out heat, or a heat lamp.The best way to eliminate that awful surface noise, is to emboss no deeper than 4 mils or 4000/ thousands of an inch. M…